Affected services:

  • Los Angeles, US

Los Angeles location currently unavailable due to a DDoS attack

Opened on Tuesday 28th July 2020, last updated

Resolved — Everything looks good for the last 12h so we're closing the incident.

Posted by Adrien Rey-Jarthon

Monitoring — At 19:09 UTC network access and thus monitoring has been restored as the attack have stopped. We're currently monitoring the situation but unless the attack resumes there shouldn't be any more trouble.

Posted by Adrien Rey-Jarthon

Identified — A DDoS attack targeting our Los Angeles location has been detected by our hosting provider and they had to null-route our IPv4 in order to mitigate it. We're currently checking the situation will them and will re-enable the route when possible. The attack started around 17:10 UTC and averaged 700,000 packets / second. Meanwhile the Los Angeles location will remain disabled and checks will be performed from other locations. No service interruption is expected though you may get some slower checks.

Posted by Adrien Rey-Jarthon